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    ADIMDE - Agrupación de Industrias Marítimas de Euskadi (the Association of Maritime Industries of the Basque Country), is a non-profit making organisation focused on boosting the maritime culture and its related activities, and promoting cooperation among its associated companies. The aim of this is to improve the industry’s competitiveness and help it to deal with all business offers, both national and international.
    The overall strategic objective can be broken down into a series of more functional general objectives:

    •  Promote cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurial skills in order to consolidate and boost the business sector and the transfer of knowledge
    •  Promote the international presence of the companies in this sector
    •  Provide the companies with all the necessary means for their technological development
    •  Set up management systems that are based on new technologies
    •  Help workers in the sector to develop themselves on a professional and personal level
    •  Boost and defend the interests of the Basque maritime sector
    •  Promote the image and the worldwide presence of the Basque maritime sector
    •  Operate as a meeting point and a discussion forum for all the sector’s agents
    •  Identify and group together the companies’ interests in order to respond to the strategic competitive challenges of the sector

    The Basque maritime sector has a wide scope and includes: merchant ship owners, owners of fishing boats, shipyards and the ancillary industry (subcontractors and component and equipment manufacturers).
    Traditionally, Basque industry has based itself on the sound principles of hard work, a high degree of professionalism and talent, an honest and ethical behaviour, trustworthiness, the quest for innovation, all-round quality and the willingness to take risks. These principles are doubtless the ones that will be the basis for the market economy of the future.

    The Basque maritime industry is truly capable of dealing with any new challenge that may appear in the maritime sector, of being more competitive and of building vessels which include the latest innovations and state-of-the-art technology, making it possible for our companies to be part of a very open and demanding international market.


    Association of Maritime Industries of the Basque Country

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