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    Design, Manufacturing and Distribution of Expansion Joints

    General info


    CODINOR has solid experience as a manufacturer in designing, manufacturing and marketing metallic movement joints. The company specializes in providing solutions for the various problems that arise in all kinds of tubing, compressor, pump, motor, etc. installations that originate in the expansions and contractions in these installations as a result of thermal changes, vibrations, assembly misalignments, etc.

    Codinor has a team of professionals who take care of every aspect of a project from the beginning, offering competent advice from qualified sales people and technicians who analyze design requirements in-depth in order to answer any questions arising in the consultation. Production personnel, boiler makers, accredited welders, assembly experts and quality technicians supervise all production processes and carry out tests, etc., all with a common objective: to manufacture expansion joints of the highest quality and to provide the best service.

    Metallic compensators
    Designed and manufactured in accordance with EJMA, EN14917, EN13445, etc. standards.

    Rubber compensators
    Rubber expansion joints provide great flexibility, great capacity for movement and are lightweight.

    Textile compensator
    Textile expansion joints provide almost unlimited flexibility (allowing movements in various directions simultaneously) and numerous design possibilities

    Flexible Tubing
    Great flexibility and good mechanical properties provide the ideal behavior for absorbing vibrations and small repeated curve movements.


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