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    AJUSTEMAR 2002, S.L.

    AJUSTEMAR 2002, S.L.

    C/ San Vicente, 8 Edif. Albia 3º, Dpto.2 3, 48001 Bilbao, Bizkaia


    Naval and Industrial Machinery Adjusting

    Service provider
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    Ajustemar 2002, S.L. is born from an association of old close fitting jackets of companies within the shipbuilding sector.

    At the estuary of the Nervión several Shipyards had to merge in which was called A.R.N (Astilleros Reunidos del Nervión) that grouped to three shipyards of wall-plate, as they were: Talleres Ruiz de Velasco, Marítima de Axpe and Astilleros del Cadagua. These shipyards, any of them, with the great prestige within the sector, were led their union to be able to compete within the field of shipbuilding.

    Due to problems the company went to bankrupt. Consequently it was decided to group as union of the adjustment, and be able to develop to the knowledge and professional experience like auxiliary company within the naval field.

    At the moment the company has great prestige and consideration within the sector.

    They are certificate in the management and the quality according to the ISO 9001/2000 and Environment 14001


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